Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon impressionistic oil painting

Shelly Wierzba

Fine Arts

Landscape and still life oil paintings which capture the depth and variety that inspire the world around us. Enjoy my studio paintings and works created en plein air throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and the western states.

High Desert Landscapes

My landscape paintings are inspired by my sojourns into nature near my home in Central Oregon as well as my travels throughout the country. Mother nature provides my sense of awe with an endless supply of subjects as I pause and reflect on the uncaused cause of the bounty of beauty before me.

Landscape impressionistic oil painting original by Shelly Wierzba
Original oil painting by Shelly Wierzba of pine trees silhouetted by an Oregon sunset
Ice and water over a pond in Central Oregon by Shelly Wierzba impressionistic artist

I find inspiration in the moods of the ever changing light on the world around us.  We only have to still the static and engage our senses to appreciate the beauty.

I hope you enjoy your journey through my portfolio of fine art oil paintings. If you are interested in featuring my art, would like to discuss a piece currently for sale, or would like to commission a painting, please feel free to contact me.

Latest Work

My paintings are not just about technique, design and composition, just as writing is not about grammar and spelling. These are just my tools used to express my concept and emotions.

Ode to Blue

Oil. 12 x 12.  Sold.

Still life painting of blue hydrangeas by Shelly Wierzba
Cause to Pause, impressionistic landscape oil painting in Oregon

Cause to Pause

Oil. 20 x 24.  My concept was to convey the heat of the day at this spot along the Umqua River where I stoped to paint in mid summer.

Aspen grove with sun setting in winter

Winter Day's End

Oil. 24 x 48.  The last light of a chilly day’s end suggests a timeline we all travel and reminds me to look with awe at the beauty we are given.

Oil painting of a still life with a ceramic angel among the elements
An original oil painting of a bouquet of vibrant red flowers with fallen petals.

Still Life Oil Paintings

My Still Life paintings arise from a self-imposed artistic challenge, or a “what if” concept. I start with the concept and then set up the objects that represent the idea. It’s also a time to play and learn.

The oil medium allows me to develop my composition by subtracting and adding paint with a variety of tools and to build the thick textures that I admire from the Russian Impressionists.

Release your individual creativity.

My personalized art classes are energetic and you will be doing a lot of painting as you learn the fundamentals of good composition and design.  I stress developing a concept which will open up your creative process, and provide consistency to your painting.

Recent Events

American Impressionists Society

My painting, Leaning Upward, was chosen for the American Impressionist Society’s 2021 Associate Members Online Exhibition and I am honored by their selection!

Texas gulf coastal landscape painting by Shelly Wierzba

Contact Shelly

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or gallery inquiries. I will respond to your message within 24 hours.