What’s going on in your studio?

My studio generally looks like this, and this is why:


To get the most mileage out of your brush, work on many paintings at the same time.  That decreases eye and brain fatigue and lets your brain re-boot, so when you get back to a certain piece, you can see it with a fresh eye.  Set aside one day a week to experiment.  Most of us don’t experiment enough, and through experimentation we learn and grow.  But experiment with a goal i.e.: color, or design, or editing, or format, or different techniques and styles.  I recently did a bunch of 5 x 7’s, of the same landscape design, in different color harmonies by using my color wheel.  Some of the color schemes I tried were monochromatic, complementary pairs, primary triads, secondary triads, tertiary triads, split comps on and on.  The results taught me a lot about combinations that attracted me.  I’ve also been experimenting with different formats for the same image.  There are a lot of areas for trying new directions and winter is a perfect time to hole up in your studio and enjoy God’s gift of TIME.  Happy painting!